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HMD-less 3D

27 November, 2010 (13:38) | Augmented Reality, Displays, IEEE, Non-ocular, Ocular, Peripherals | By: Panos

IEEE Spectrum has a very interesting article on HMD/Glass-less 3D systems on its December 2010 issue. You can read it here. The article presents past and recent efforts on creating 3D displays without using spectacle-type displays, discussing various techniques. We find the possibility of having 3D displays without the whole – arguably obtrusive – arrangement […]

Vuzix see-through goggles

10 November, 2010 (07:36) | Augmented Reality | By: Panos

Technology Review mentions today the new Vuzix Wrap920AR Goggles today, in the midst of current AR popularity. The Wrap920AR is equipped with two video cameras that ‘see’ the front of what the wearer sees and project it on two LCD video displays, resembling what is allegedly a 67-inch video display at ten feet. The have […]