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Workshop – I: How would you design an AR marker (to minimize the computational cost of detection and tracking)

3 April, 2012 (14:28) | 2012, Augmented Reality, Workshop | By: Panos

Our`Workshop’ series tries to revisit some basic – or not so basic – concepts of AR/VR. We will attempt to keep this fairly frequent and try to answer genuine questions that crop up – mostly asked by students and researchers when they first start working on these fields. We are pretty sure this will turn […]

AR April recap

29 April, 2011 (10:20) | 2011, Augmented Reality, Displays | By: Panos

We may have been silent for April with unrelated to work obstacles but we are back on track. Here is a summary of some noteworthy things we came across this month in inverse chronological order. A TechWatch report on Augmented Reality for Smartphones is now available: Augmented Reality for Smartphones [PDF Link] . The report […]

An exploration of UX for AR

18 March, 2011 (13:36) | Augmented Reality, UX | By: Panos

Synthetic Toys were invited to express our opinion on User Experience for Augmented Reality, in the new blog AR-UX, by @robman of MOB-labs, following our position paper on AR Standards Meeting in Barcelona, this February.