About us

Welcome to Synthetic ToysThe blog, a blog about augmented and virtual reality, wearable computers, nifty electronics and lots of opinions.  Our blog is on its own an experiment, accompanying another experiment, its parent Synthetic-Toys.  It is where we will be active most of the time with commentaries of what we encounter in the areas of AR, VR, Wearable Computing, UX and generally anything fancy enough to talk about. We will leave descriptions and presentations of  our personal contributions and creations, within those fields, for Synthetic Toys.

Feel free to pop up next door to see who we are and what we (are trying) to do.

Please, bear with us as we form this blog and our website. We are doing this for free, in our own spare time, mainly due to our interest in the above subjects and the need to be involved to something creative – something that our current jobs do not offer to a large extent.

So, see you out there!

Antonis & Panos

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