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Storytelling and AR

23 November, 2010 (09:11) | Augmented Reality, Books | By: Panos

Kat Austen in New Scientist’s Culture lab presents a very interesting post on AR books. By AR books we – currently – refer to books that have some added information in the form of extra visuals which are projected through a a web-cam-equipped computer, tracking the book’s features, such as pictures, QR Codes etc. The […]

Total Immersion CEO on AR

21 November, 2010 (17:22) | Augmented Reality | By: Panos

Bruno Uzzan, CEO and Co-Founder of Total Immersion, speaks about the past, present and future of Total Immersion during his keynote at AR Immersion 2010, November 9, Los Angeles, CA. (Source – T.Immersion blog here) Interesting points in our humble opinion are: The ‘cuckoo’ talk looks cool and dare I say kinda funny (Video1- 3:12) […]

Why read the book when you can watch the movie?

16 November, 2010 (04:18) | Handhelds, Software | By: Antonis

There are countless times where a friend recommends a book that there is no time to read. And all of a sudden this book becomes a movie. So many people head to the cinema first and if it’s interesting they go back to the book. And yes I’ve done this many times and yes it is the lazy […]