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A Mobile Era

30 November, 2010 (10:41) | Context Awareness, Handhelds, Mobiles, Social Networking | By: Panos

Technology Review has a nice post on the current state of the mobile phones industry, with emphasis on the social implications. You can find it here. While reading it I was thinking of the time when mobile phones were not as smart as today, PDAs were much simpler than the cheapest phones of the last […]

HMD-less 3D

27 November, 2010 (13:38) | Augmented Reality, Displays, IEEE, Non-ocular, Ocular, Peripherals | By: Panos

IEEE Spectrum has a very interesting article on HMD/Glass-less 3D systems on its December 2010 issue. You can read it here. The article presents past and recent efforts on creating 3D displays without using spectacle-type displays, discussing various techniques. We find the possibility of having 3D displays without the whole – arguably obtrusive – arrangement […]

Photorealistic Rendering for AR

23 November, 2010 (12:42) | Augmented Reality, Hardware, Peripherals, Software | By: Panos

Probably the most impressive examples of AR I have seen in a while. Finnish VTT Team has done some impressive work in the past and this example is nothing sort of spectacular in my book. The video was recorded a Dell laptop with a Quadro FX 3700M video card, a Core Duo processor and a […]