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How about Programming in Windows Mobile 7

31 October, 2010 (11:25) | Augmented Reality | By: Antonis

Development, development … oh and don’t forget development. On one hand you have the massive application development for Apple devices, on the other hand the rapidly increasing Android community. It seems I am missing something though … Oh yes, Windows mobility … Strange it slipped my mind. I can remember Windows Mobile since forever … […]

The 4th Annual Mashable Awards

18 October, 2010 (06:53) | Augmented Reality | By: Panos

Nominate your favourite company, person, site, gadget or synthetic-toy (!) in the 4th Annual Mashable Awards. On a more important not, get to see what other people are using these days through their ‘tech’ activities!

Jack Benoff on the practicality of moble AR

15 October, 2010 (09:19) | Augmented Reality | By: Panos

Some good points on the practicality of mobile AR from Jack Bennof. Got the article through Games Alfresco. One of the things that intrigue me with current mobile AR – particularly commercial endeavours – is how the deal with intrinsic issues related to AR, such as registration, depth of view and if HMDs are used […]