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Workshop – I: How would you design an AR marker (to minimize the computational cost of detection and tracking)

3 April, 2012 (14:28) | 2012, Augmented Reality, Workshop | By: Panos

Our`Workshop’ series tries to revisit some basic – or not so basic – concepts of AR/VR. We will attempt to keep this fairly frequent and try to answer genuine questions that crop up – mostly asked by students and researchers when they first start working on these fields. We are pretty sure this will turn […]

A look at Kinect Fusion and Lightspace from Microsoft labs

23 December, 2011 (13:21) | 2011, Augmented Reality, Kinect | By: Panos

Nice video from The Verge – with colorful comments bellow – on work being done in Microsoft Labs on Kinect and Lightspace. We hope to experiment with Kinect after I am done with the bulk of work for Project IVY

WebAPI: The Mozilla Proposal For Smartphones (The Open App Interface)

6 September, 2011 (10:12) | 2011, Augmented Reality, Handhelds, Mobiles, Software | By: Antonis

WebAPI is basically an idea from Mozilla which promises to bridge the gap between native and web applications. With the constant development of Mobile Applications for handheld devices there are quite a few solutions and frameworks out there for developers, but these solutions always refer to closed OS environments. On the other hand, there is […]